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Bucking the trend in the face of Covid? Small office and light industrial space.

Whilst the Covid pandemic has had devastating effects for many sectors, which have seen income significantly decrease and in some cases flat line, there is some good news out there with many businesses realising opportunities from new ways of working, whilst driving efficiency savings.

Perhaps it took something this dramatic to open our eyes to what could be possible? As thousands of workers have moved from being in the office five days a week, to working from home, it looks likely this trend will continue – research suggests that by the end of 2020, 50% of the UK workforce will be working remotely.

The benefits of working remotely have proved to be surprising for some, with research finding that fewer days sickness have been taken, motivation has been improved, the increased freedom is being valued over increased wages and reduced travelling has been beneficial for both employer and employee.  

However, is working from home always the only or best option? Some of the challenges that have been identified by newly home-based workers include; interruptions, such as delivery drivers, asking if you can take a parcel for someone else; distractions, such as children, pets or the washing-up from last night; unable to shut down properly at the end of the day; simply separating work space from home space and; of course isolation.

So perhaps small office space, in a shared be building is the solution? Over the course of the last few months since March 2020, Enterprise South West has seen demand for our office space increase from start-ups, growth businesses, re-locating businesses and from people changing their commute to having an office closer to home.

Our managed business centres, where people can work in privately rented office space, but within safely and hygienically managed shared buildings can provide many of the solutions to home-working challenges; giving them a place of work local to, but away from home.

We have also found that start-up businesses are on the increase, as many people either find themselves redundant or seeking to change lifestyle choices. Enterprise South West is well geared towards these businesses with our affordable, easy-in, easy-out office and light industrial space.

Our inclusive support, provided through our operations and business advice team, has also proved to be a benefit to many of our tenants who are seeking the reassurance of support to ensure sustainability and growth.

If you would like find out how we can help you, get in touch with me Ges Green to find out more.