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The importance of investing in the future of the business

Like many companies TDA focuses its attention on various aspects of the business at different times of the year. During the autumn one of the things we do is turn our attention to job fairs and graduate and student placement opportunities. TDA recently delivered a very successful job fair attended by over 70 employers advertising 870 jobs in Torbay. Early indication being that over 300 of those jobs were filled. Later this month and early in November colleagues and I will also be taking stands at a number of recruitment fairs at universities around the country. This gives an opportunity for graduates and students to consider opportunities that are available in Torbay with TDA. As a multi-disciplined company we have opportunities across a range of professions from surveying, engineering and project management for example. TDA is able to offer really good career prospects and progression. Choosing a career path and an employer is very important. Likewise as an employer we consider choosing the right graduates for the business is equally important. At a graduate level the list of skills and attributes I look for could be applied in almost any discipline. I won’t list all of the skills I look for but thought it useful to highlight just a few:

  1. An enthusiasm about the chosen profession – it was recognised that whatever sector or industry you choose to work in having enthusiasm of the whole profession is an important attribute to hold. This enthusiasm will carry you through the early years of your career as you learn the profession and gain a wider circle of colleagues and peers.
  2. Choose a profession that gives variety – having a broad awareness of a range of disciplines allows one to recognise the limit of knowledge you hold but nevertheless would encourage the passing of leads and introductions to more experienced colleagues and teams who could offer missing advice.
  3. Foster a learning working ethic – all Chartered Surveyors, like most professions expect an element of continued professional development. Surveyors have to record a minimum of 20 hours a year of CPD. This ensures employees and the profession as a whole remains well trained, respected and competent. This should last throughout a career whether at the outset of a career or an experienced professional.
  4. Core Professional Skills –
  1. Technology Savvy – it is so important to keep up with and use every available piece of technology. Most graduates will no doubt already be using the latest piece of gadgetry or software. As a surveyor I have found the industry has moved on hugely in the last 10 or 15 years. Technology has meant many jobs can be undertaken in half the time it once took. Remote working, working off-line, hot desking, the cloud are a few terms and expressions that at the start of my career I would not have even recognised. Now they form part of everyday language for a graduate of today.
  2. Business Minded and Commercial – Everybody, whether you are a graduate or in a more senior position, should have an awareness of how you, either individually or as a company, are perceived by clients, colleagues and your peers. This will ensure you are ready to seize an opportunity to generate a lead or instruction.
  3. Balance a professional outlook in business with an understanding of community and social issues – In my current role as the TDA Estates Manager I have regular contact with local community groups from all backgrounds. As a graduate one has to quickly understand the challenges faced by these organisations and how these impact on a more commercial world.

Not every graduate will have all attributes and skills needed. Nevertheless having most should be an aim and aspiration as you start a career. TDA is currently recruiting for a range of graduate roles across the organisation. We are looking for forward thinking individuals who are able to display these skills together with a positive flexible attitude to delivering a high quality service to an exciting range of clients.

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Paul Palmer, TDA Estates Manager can be contacted at [email protected]