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The latest impact on local and regional property

It has been just over 2 months since the general election and 3 weeks since Brexit. The ‘Boris Bounce’ has come through with many agents reporting double-digit increases in viewings and sales with confidence in the market returning sharply. The election result clearly brought a much-needed boost of certainty and optimism following 3 years of political stalemate. However, issues of affordability still remain a fundamental issue as does matters of high business rates and the continued decline in the high street retail market for example. It remains to be seen how smooth the negotiating of trade deals go during 2020 and what longer-term impact this will have on the economy locally.

In Torbay nevertheless, a number of new commercial developments have completed recently, for example, the opening of the new South Devon Business Centre located in the flagship Hi-Tech & Digital Centre at South Devon College, the Business Centre provides 16 dedicated workspaces for individual business units as well as two large, open-plan collaboration zones. Unit E, Torbay Business Park has recently completed with 8 new industrial units offering flexible space up to 12,000sq ft.. Also opened in 2019 is the 8m Electronic and Photonics Innovation Centre (EPIC) providing dedicated space for both small and large technology companies. The centre offers a wide array of flexible office and dry laboratory suites. Projects underway in Torbay include Claylands Business Park, with the Casting Support Systems (CSS) Group moving its design, development and manufacturing services to a purpose-built 6,000 square metre facility.

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